Interior design shouldn't be complicated.  We make it easy.

1.     Schedule a one-hour introductory consultation for $50.  

We'll come to your home or office ready to discuss your design challenges and to pack as much into an hour as we can.  Need help choosing paint colors?  We'll bring paint chips and give you guidance on what colors work best for your space.  Need some tips on how to make your space look bigger and better?  We'll survey the room and give you advice on how to rearrange the furniture and accessories you already have to maximize space and amp up your style.  Just moved into a new place and don't know where to start? Don't worry!  We'll can brainstorm ideas with you about furniture placement, wall paper, artwork, and accessories.  

2.    Buy hourly design time.  

After your one hour consult with your amazing designer, you're inspired, brimming with new ideas, and you've decided it's finally time to take your space to the next level.  Awesome!  You're ready to buy some design time, and then pay as you go.  Our hourly rates are extremely competitive, and design packages start as low as $500.  There are no markups, upcharges, or hidden fees.  All designer/trade discounts we receive (typically 10-20% off furniture and accessories) are passed on to you, for even more savings.  It's that easy.

3.    Enjoy your space!    

Wow!  Why did I wait so long to get my space in order, you say?  Probably because you thought interior designers were stuffy and out of control expensive -- well, until you met us.  Now you're jazzed because your designer helped you make your vision a reality.  It's time to enjoy your space (and maybe show it off a little too)!